Bathing under the Sky

In Shivelight, where we’re celebrating the health and well-being benefits of spending time in nature, soothe your senses indulging in a luxurious wood-fired hot tub.

Enjoy a blissfully relaxing session immersed in one of the wood-fired cedar hot tubs enjoying the muscle-relaxing heat, fresh air and the sound of crackling fire. If you desire, move on to the dry Finnish sauna and let the therapeutic cedar aroma and steam envelop all your senses. The 80-degree heat will slow your mind, gently washing away stress of modern lives. For a fully invigorating experience, step under the cooling outdoor shower. With your core temperature still warm after the sauna, the cold water will leave your skin feeling energised and alive. Alternatively, cool down in comfy deckchairs relishing the fresh breeze while watching the open fire pits.

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