Fishclaw are an instrumental group based in Colchester, originally formed in the summer of 2013 as a trio, comprised of accordion, violin and guitar they started out reworking traditional Irish, Scottish and Eastern European music. In 2015 they expanded the band to include double bass and a full drum kit, adding a more contemporary rhythm section to what was previously a more traditional setup. This has allowed for the inclusion of other genres harder to touch upon previously.

Drawing on the diverse musical influences each member of the band has they’ve managed to create a style and sound all of their own. From dark soundscapes to seriously hi-tempo tunes, Imaginative beats, haunting viola, soaring whistle, effect tweaked acoustic guitar, beefy double bass, melodic accordion and layered synths all combine to create music that, whilst folk at its core, isn’t afraid to move into whatever realm the band chooses at any given moment.

“Folk music with teeth!” Tom Robinson – 6 Music