Greenwood Days — Woodland Craft

Expand your arboreal knowledge and gain some true-grit skills to help you thrive in a woodland. Supported by Greenwood Days, an organisation running woodland craft workshops since 1998, all delivered by highly skilled professional craft workers and teachers who share our passion for preserving, promoting and passing on these crafts and techniques.

Bushcraft skills — Dave Watson will be hosting friction fire demos and workshops, string Making workshops and demos.

Nadine Grundy brings Wood Carving skills where you can make a spatula or a bullroarer as well as knife and axe workshops.

For something more meditative and artistic, Jane Bevan will nurture Art with Natural Materials. Make an insect, weave a mini plate and craft a nature pendant.

With a hands-on workshop, Peter Woodwill help show you pole-lathe turning, and windsor chair-making.

Andy Mason will show us the art of creating Raku Pottery; crafting the shape, applying glaze and texture and live kiln firings. Look out for info about the make & take sessions (you may make a pot one day, and be able to take it away the next).

Designer/maker Spencer Jenkins, will aid you in Willow Weaving drop-in sessions.

And for the lovers of woodcraft and walking, Ian Varley can show how to craft a twisted hazel walking staff in his Woodworking sessions.