Torchlight processions, light projections, fire gardens, luminous installations, will help us see the forest in a new light. Expect incredible international performance as dusk falls each night, and discover the unexpected as into the night the forest will be transformed by spectacular light installations.

Giant Moth Trap

We’re not trapping giant moths! We’re building a giant moth trap. In fact, we think we might be building the biggest moth trap in the…

Fire Garden

Witness an enthralling fire garden created especially for Timber by leading artists, sculptors, designers and technicians pa-BOOM.

The Sundial

Watch time creep past at our incredible sundial installation. An enormous sundial at the heart of the Common will tell the time for Timber…


A murmuration, a flock of starlings swirling through the sky, is a breath-taking natural wonder. The starling population in the UK has fallen by…