Wilderness Tracks:: Erland Cooper

Join Erland Cooper and BBC Radio 4’s Geoff Bird as they discuss the six nature-related tracks that have made a lifelong, lasting impression on him. Cooper is no stranger to the natural landscape: born and raised on the Orkney archipelago, those raw and wild surroundings permeate and echo throughout his work. His selections will surely be a antidote to the pressures of urban life.

When creating music, Erland believes it often reflects the landscape a musician is surrounded with in some small way, be it rural, urban, real or imagined. Rich in folklore, music, myth and mythology, Orkney has strong Scandinavian influences that are echoed and layered throughout his arrangements.

Previous projects include The Magnetic North, which blends orchestral arrangement, rock, and electronica and his early work as lead to progressive folk rock band Erland and the Carnival.

Erland owns a London recording studio, which is now home to some of the UK’s most acclaimed leftfield producers, artists and mixing engineers.