You Are Wolf

You Are Wolf is the alt-folk project of award-winning composer, vocalist and author Kerry Andrew. Her first album, Hawk To The Hunting Gone, explored British birds and folklore, and her recent follow-up, KELD – an old Northern English word meaning “the deep, still, smooth part of a river” – develops the theme of freshwater. Wild swimming is a key passion and inspiration of hers, and she can often be found dipping into lochs, lakes, rivers and the sea in all weathers.

You Are Wolf brings ancient songs and stories into the present, with bold arrangements inspired by leftfield pop, new classical music and electronica. Her freshwater and bird songs are explored through a crystal-clear voice, an array of wild vocal techniques, assorted small instruments and loop station.

You Are Wolf is a regular on Radio 3’s The Verb and performed her debut short story with music on BBC Radio 4’s Stories From Songwriters series. Elsewhere, as Kerry Andrew, she is a composer of experimental vocal music and choral music, has a PhD in Composition and is the winner of four British Composer Awards. Kerry has written for The Guardian and is an occasional presenter on BBC Radio 3. Her debut novel, Swansong, based on a folk ballad, was published by Jonathan Cape in January 2018. The novel has been praised by Robert Macfarlane as “spiky, strange and contemporary, but always with a dark undertow of myth and folklore tugging at its telling”, and by folk legend Shirley Collins as “a subtle, supernatural tale told in a present-day voice.”