Willow Maze

A community-based project headed up by one of our 2018 volunteers, Bill Piper. Come and see a woven-willow maze buried deep at Feanedock.

Nature Soundscapes

These sessions will use augmented acoustic reality (AAR) technologies to create immersive natural soundscapes.

Enchanted Woodland

An owl swooping overhead, a deer both shy and curious and playful squirrels. These puppets glow with warm light as the sun sets over Feanedock.

Giant Marble Run

Suspended between the trees of Feanedock, come and marvel at the prodigious carved channels as the marbles surge through the woods.

Beginner’s Luck

Dreamt up and brought to life by the Wild Rumpus team, expect to become a human meeple in your favourite games, writ large.

Tea Club – Axial Dance

Trixie and Tilly are two eccentric tea ladies, who serve their fine leaf drink from their special musical trolley and dance, swirl and stir along their way.

Shimmer – Dan Fox

This immersive diffusion system includes a 12-channel sound experience that uses copper-alloy cymbals as speakers to control the intensity of light to manipulate pattern and shapes.

Circus Skills – Circus Hub Nottingham

Learn all the skills and trickery you’d need to run away with the circus. From acrobatics and juggling to ribbon sticks, you’ll be flying through the air with the greatest of ease in no time.

Tom The Tale Teller

Tom the Tale Teller has been Storytelling for over a decade and currently has completed his first book, ‘Leicestershire Folk Tales for Children’.

Cut A Shine

Cut A Shine are a London based troupe of traditional musicians, dynamic Ceilidh dancers and crazy callers determined to spread the word that the hoe down is a’happening.

Bollywood Dancing

Get ready to feel the heat and move your feet to the Bollywood Beat! Learn the very best Bollywood moves with Sohan Kailey from Aashiyana Arts.

Bhangra Tots

Join Sohan Kailey for this Bhangra dance and music session especially for little ones ones and their grown ups.

The Moth Hotel

We’re not trapping giant moths! We’re building a giant moth trap. In fact, we think it might be the biggest moth trap in the world!

Outdoor Survival Skills

Test and challenge your Forest Survival skills during a packed session with our Forest Holidays expert Forest Ranger.

Bee Experiences

Join David McDowell, The Bee Farmer, for a tour of some special beehives which have been set up close to the Timber site through a pollinator project.

Tree Climbing

Get a new perspective on our oldest piece of woodland, and maybe scuffed knees while you’re at it. You’re never too old to climb the odd tree.

Ian Douglas – Campfire Stories

Joined by some curious friends, stories will be woven through the wood smoke all weekend. Gather round for riveting storytelling inspired by British folk tales and world myths from Ian and mind-bending science and magic from the marvellous Dieter Wadeson.

Woodland Slacklines

Do you have the balance to walk from tree to tree? Hop on to our woodland slacklines to find out.

Hammer & Chisel

Wild play rules at Hammer & Chisel, our unique woodland playground. Pick up your tool of choice and get ready to build timberland.

Woodland Library

Bring a book, or pick one up. Novels and non-fiction, exploring our relationship with nature, our woodland library will be open all weekend for literary inspiration.