Big Timber Bike Ride

The Big Timber Bike Ride - Red Fox Cycing

At Timber, we care deeply about our environment. This year, we would love you to leave your cars at home and travel sustainably to the festival. We are looking to partner with Red Fox Cycling to bring our lovely Timber audience to the site by bicycle — we plan to launch the Big Timber Bike Ride. It’s a chance to make some new festival buddies, extend your festival experience and start your weekend off fit and healthy!

All you’d need to do is turn up at the ride start point (an easily accessible major railway station in a major city near you) with your bike, bags and camping equipment.

Red Fox will guide you on a relaxing, scenic cycle ride through beautiful countryside. They’ll carry your bags and camping equipment to Timber in their support van. They’ll serve up delicious grub and tasty snacks en route. They can even bring you and your bike back home after the festival. We’ll ensure your bike is securely stored on the Timber site over the weekend.

  • You’ll arrive on site by 5pm on Friday 5th July.
  • We’d subsidise a full day of the ride price (£42.50). If you live a 1 day ride from the festival (e.g. Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Coventry) this means you’d get FREE TRAVEL to the festival
  • All you’d need to pay, if you want the Red Fox team to bring you and your bike back home after Timber on Monday 8th July, is £20 for your return coach ticket
  • We may even be able to throw in some extra tempting freebies as a reward for cycling
  • We would value your feedback on how best to make this work for you