Wilderness Tracks 2018

BBC Radio 4's Geoff Bird presents the Wilderness Tracks; an hour long discussion with a selection of guests asking them to choose six tracks which soundtrack their relationship with nature.

The Wilderness Tracks were recorded live at Timber Festival 2018.

Elizabeth Alker

For anyone who caught Elizabeth Alker’s ambient set upon the Eyrie Stage over the festival weekend, they might have spotted one or two of selections creep into her wilderness tracklist. Classical choices and neo-classical flair are imbued in each of these songs, in part because of her parents' classically-trained musical background and in part because of Eizabeth’s extensive research for her radio series ‘Unclassified’ — looking at those songs that sit between genres rather than within them. Her choices are a true and fascinating reflection of her musical tastes as well as an insight into the profound relationship she feels with the natural world.

Twitter @elizabethalker

  • Track 1 - The Curlew
    Peter Warlock
  • Track 2 - Lat Mig Vara Den
    Mina Leinonen
  • Track 3 - Deep Bay
    Jonas Bonnetta
  • Track 4 - The Manchester Rambler
    Ewan MacColl
  • Track 5 - Sleep On Beloved
    The Watersons
  • Track 6 - Joanna Newsom
    You And Me, Bess

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