Wilderness Tracks 2018

BBC Radio 4's Geoff Bird presents the Wilderness Tracks; an hour long discussion with a selection of guests asking them to choose six tracks which soundtrack their relationship with nature.

The Wilderness Tracks were recorded live at Timber Festival 2018.

Musician Erland Cooper hails from the Orkney Islands, a landscape untouched and exposed. Each of Cooper's choices comes with unique stories about his time growing up there. Listen out for one particular highlight of the cacophony of Orkney curlews, produced by each audience member's mobile phone.


  • Track 1 - Farewell To Stromness
    Peter Maxwell Davies
  • Track 2 - The Tallis Fantasia
    Ralph Vaughan Williams
  • Track 3 - Milk & Honey
    Jackson C Frank
  • Track 4 - Whaup bird call/song
    the Orkney Curlew
  • Track 5 - Kangaru
    Jóhann Jóhannsson
  • Track 6 - Da Slockit Light
    Tom Anderson

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