To do lists!

Team Wild Rumpus embrace the spectrum of to do lists! From Sarah’s neatly pencilled notebook, to the messy blackboard in the design barn, we’re always trying, and often failing, to keep our spiralling lists in order.

As Timber creeps closer, our to-do lists expand. The kinds of things we’re working on at the moment, just shy of 3 months out include:

Programming: With the bulk of the programme confirmed, there’s a list of ‘almost there’ activities and partnerships, a few tentative conversations that might lead to something great at this year’s Timber, or might be put on hold until next year. A to-do list of people to speak to and details to nail down to tie up all those loose ends.

Logistics: With the site layout confirmed, and logistics pencilled in, we’re down to confirming the details. Confirming tech requirements, locations of security, water points, wristband checks, and contingency plans of how we’ll keep our lovely audience happy and safe. Our EMP (Event Management Plan) is reaching it’s final stages, though it’s always a working document.

Marketing: From media partnerships to facebook competitions, the comms team is right in the thick of it, with to-do lists ranging from creating graphics for social media, printing roadside banners, gathering and releasing programme news and chasing down press contacts.

Visual Design: Exciting things are beginning to happen in the design barn, with a wing production line for our wooden murmuration of birds in full swing, painting of signage has begun, materials are arriving for flags, mazes and sundials. Our to do list ranges from ‘order varnish’ to ‘design the woodland library’.

Scheduling/Three a day

So the whole thing is one big juggling act, so the tricky thing is to keep those lists in order, figure out how to prioritise, and keep all the balls in the air! Some of our team are big fans of scheduling, where they sit down at the start of each day and apportion out time to different tasks which they’re prioritising that day, when the bell rings they move on. Another tip is to decide on just three things that you want to achieve each day, and if you at least get those done, your kind of on track.

Oblique strategies

Another Wild Rumpus office mainstay are our Oblique Strategy cards. Oblique strategies is a set of cards created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt used to break deadlocks in creative situations. Each card contains a (sometimes cryptic) remark that can help you resolve a creative dilemma, or prioritise your time. I most often pick ‘Tidy up’ or ‘Is it finished?’, which probably says more about me than I’d like to admit!