About Timber

Gather round all nature lovers, day dreamers, big thinkers. 

Step into an incredible weekend festival of debate, celebration and reflection in the National Forest. Timber invites you to stand up and be counted as we rethink our relationship with trees and forests.

Join new thinkers as they challenge us to re-examine our relationship with the world. Gather with artists, musicians and writers, as they respond and react to the forest in bold and exhilarating ways. Activists and makers will invite to you join them in joyous celebration of nature. The rebels and the unexpected from the worlds of music, art, performance and wellbeing will play, provoke and inspire as we change the world.

So come on in, unplug, walk into the trees and fall under Timber’s spell. Recharge under the leaves. It’s good for the soul.


They Loved It

...stand on a hillock in Feanedock and you are met with a panoramic vista of trees for miles beyond. Squint and you spot an installation of a giant illuminated moon that hangs in the foliage, rumbling strange lunar sounds. Copses are theatrical stage sets. Storytellers sit in logged clearings around campfires. Authors discuss the fearsome mythology of the woodlands. Sound artists mimic the sound of birch and beech trees. This is Timber, an inaugural arts festival in the Midlands that puts the significance – and magnificence – of trees at its heart.

An incredible weekend at an innovative festival

Dr Andrew Weatherall, Senior Lecturer @ National School of Forestry

A young astonishing forest that is making its world where once a world like this did not exist…this festival feels to me the start of something that’s going to grow and grow from here.

Robert Macfarlane, writer

...we left with willow stars that we'd made that day, nature pendants we'd created the day before, and a sense that the forest, the woods, and trees, really do have the power to transform our moods, our vision for the future, and our lives.

Winner, Best New Festival at the UK Festival Awards 2018


Timber releases 2019 dates and tickets

Timber releases 2019 dates and tickets

A major new festival exploring the transformative impact of forests which took place in the heart of the National Forest to much acclaim this July has announced it will return in 2019. Following an incredibly successful first year…

Become a Forest Bathing practitioner

How would you like to train as a Forest Bathing practitioner? Forest Bathing simply means immersing yourself in a forest setting, simply being present in the natural world. It is a wonderful way to calm our senses in…

Ecotricity on board as Timber supporter!

We’re thrilled that Britain’s greenest energy company and supporter of the National Forest, Ecotricity, are sponsoring the first Timber Festival. Ecotricity has joined forces with the National Forest Company to support the development of England’s first large-scale forest…

Forest Holidays on board as partner.

Long-term supporter of the National Forest, Forest Holidays will be supporting the first Timber Festival as a principle partner. Festivalgoers will be able to join Forest Survival sessions, run by a Forest Holidays Forest Ranger to find out…

Timber Seed Fund >> Make Your Local Woods Work

What would you do with access to a woodland site? Woodland Social Enterprises are a great way to manage woodlands, bring people together and generate an income or jobs in your community. Do you live near a patch…