Wilderness Tracks 2018

BBC Radio 4's Geoff presents the Wilderness Tracks, an hour long discussion with a selection of guests asking each to choose six pieces of music that serve as their personal soundtrack to their relationship with nature. The link between memory and sound is one that is highlighted often through these recordings. Each guest weaves together anecdotes ranging from a rose-tinted childhood through to meditative, outdoor moments in adulthood. And so, we begin to see the rich, ever-changing landscape of an individual's attachment to the wild.

After a scorching week in Feanedock and with Timber 2018 all wrapped up, we're ready to bring you the chosen tracklists for each guest from this year's Wilderness Tracks.

Erland Cooper

Musician Erland Cooper hails from the raw, exposed landscape of the Orkney Islands. Each of Cooper's choices comes with unique stories about his time growing up there. Listen out for one particular highlight - a chorus of Orkney curlews, produced by audience members' mobile phones.

Robert Macfarlane

Word-collector, mountain climber and perhaps our greatest contemporary nature writer, Robert Macfarlane, delivers an eclectic selection with all the eloquence, warmth and wisdom that you would expect. Prepare for a diverse sonic exploration which reaches as much into traditional Gaelic folk-stylings as it does into drum and bass. Macfarlane knows how to keep a crowd enthralled and does it with deftness and ease.

Elizabeth Alker

For anyone who caught Elizabeth Alker’s ambient set upon the Eyrie Stage over the festival weekend, they might have spotted one or two of selections creep into her wilderness tracklist. Classical choices and neo-classical flair are imbued in each of these songs. Her choices are a true and fascinating reflection of her musical tastes as well as an insight into the profound relationship she feels with the natural world.